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Posted on January 21, 2022

Big Energy Saving Week 2022

Save energy by only using it when needed! 

PIR sensors work by reacting to movement within a room. The sensors trigger the lights to come on when a person enters a dedicated area and goes off when it is not required, when the area is empty. Instead of relying on someone to turn the lights off manually, you will only be using energy for lighting when it is needed.

The advantages to PIR sensors for businesses are: 

  • Detects movement indoors during the day, as well as at night.
  • Could allow significant savings of anything between 40-50% on energy bills  
  • Stops lights being left on all day, only when people need them 
  • User-friendly 

PIR sensors allow employers to not worry if all the lighting has been turned off at the end of the day. They work around your whole building, but many will see the benefit of changing in any of these areas:  main office, private offices, hallways, welfare facilities, and conference rooms.  

PIR sensors aren’t just a benefit for businesses, they also can work around your home too!

As working from home is now more common than ever, this information seems apt to share. As we are in the house more, we are leaving lights on during the day in rooms being unused…costing us more on those energy bills! Have you considered PIR sensors for your lighting in your home? It’s not just for outside security.

These sensors would be perfect for hallways, bathrooms and other rooms which are not used as frequently or have a lot of bright daylight. These lights would turn themselves off when there has been no movement for a certain amount of time. Especially if you have children at home, these might be perfect. No more nagging or worry about lights not being turned off!  


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