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EMS Ltd – Holton Heath

EMS is the leading supplier of high-quality small DC motors and linear actuators, with their manufacturing facilities based in Poole, Dorset.  

The size of the unit is just under 40,000 square foot on a80,000 square foot gated site. 

The Brief

The original site that EMS were based at, was spread over 10 different unitsThey required to move into a space that was able to house everything in one locationOne of their main requirements was the need for extra poweras they required suitable capacity for the large volume of electrical machinery used within their manufacturing processes. Consequently, this meant searching for the right property to sustain their power requirements. Once a property was secured the project was to install all new lighting, dedicated and general power, and services for welfare facilities.  

Our Solution

We liaised and surveyed several sites with the client who eventually settled in their favored location on Holton Heath. To purchase this property, whad to get the extra power that was needed, as there was only 50 kVA availableTo secure the extra, we communicated directly on behalf of EMS with the electricity supplier and managed to achieve and secure 600 kVA, enough to meet the demand for the client and move forward with their purchase.  

The main focus was on the factory floor, although we tested the electrics in the offices to ensure that they were safe for the new staff. They were in a reasonable condition meaning they didn’t need to be touched. 

Due to the fact it was a large move for the client, they were unable to confirm specifics until working in the space. Therefore, we had to adapt with changing requirements and be flexible. We set up temporary supplies to ensure that specialist machinery was in the correct place before permanently wiring them in. 

As the site evolved, minor adjustments to the floor plan were made and we had to modify works around the changing environment.  

Once the move was completewe carried out the dilapidations works from their previous site.  



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