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Posted on March 22, 2022

Commercial EV Charger

The main requirements that were set by the client were that they wanted to get as much power as possible and to have more than 1 point. The EV charger can record all the users so that the company can see who has used it and when. They only wanted those with permission to be able to access it.

The EV market is changing rapidly, with companies having different needs, so the unit is specified by its solutions rather than a particular manufacturer.

The client’s choice of location was going to be too far from the incoming supply. We advised the position to be closer as this saved them 80 metres of cabling. There is the ability to expand, as more cabling can be added for future requirements.

The client’s needs were to have a unit on a pedestal as it was to be situated in the car park away from the main building. The charger needed to have settings where the client can access the background software via a laptop so that they can control how much power is at each charge point.

KEW Electrical specified the Project EV unit, model EVA-22D-SE-RFID, it suited all requirements for the client. A dual charger was chosen to accommodate the existing company vehicle and any further visitors.

The availability of the charger was an important factor due to the ongoing situation with the pandemic and chip shortages. This charger met all the requirements, and the bonus was that it was available on the shelf, therefore being the best at that time.

Installation of the unit onto the mount was then carried out and all relevant power and data was connected. The EV charger was tested to ensure it was working correctly. The manual was handed over to the client.

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