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We can keep your costs down by maintaining all your safety systems - Emergency Lighting, Fire Alarms and AOV all in one visit...

Essential Periodic Inspections

Maintaining your equipment with regular periodic inspections is essential to ensure they continue to work as designed and that they comply with the current regulations BS5839 and BS5266.

Emergency lighting needs to be sufficiently bright, stay illuminated long enough, and be positioned so occupants safely see their way out of a building in an emergency. Devices connected to the fire safety systems, such as manual call points or smoke detectors are to be tested to confirm they will actuate the alarm control panel around the building, and smoke detectors, as their effectiveness can deteriorate with age and dust, require cleaning and examined that they are within date. To ensure the safety systems in place function in the event of loss of power, the control panels battery require the ‘stored capacity’ is sufficient and replaced if not.

Maintaining Equipment

Fit for purpose

We ensure all your systems are operating as intended and are fit for purpose. All maintenance visits are recorded in the site Logbook and certificates and reports are issued in pdf format.

With our extensive experience in all safety systems; Emergency Lighting, Fire Alarms and AOV, we can keep costs down by maintaining them together. Why have the two even three services/contracts separately? At GF Electrical Ltd, we can handle them both, combining them into the same visit, meaning less disruption and paperwork.

Efficient and budget-conscious

Contractors who solely maintain one part of the safety system cannot cover all the many other aspects of electrical maintenance/repairs in the same attendance, but we can. Those “Oh whilst you’re here….” moments are covered, changing specialist bulbs or batteries, altering the trade timers, etc. This saves on attendance fees; clients only pay for the time we are there plus any materials. Rest assured, we are efficient as well as budget-conscious with our time and recommendations.

Maintenance contracts

We offer Pre Planned Maintenance with 12-month contracts, where we monitor when your inspections are due. With three different options Basic, Premium and Total Care, you can select which plan suits your needs. This allows you to focus on running your business, secure in the knowledge that your electrical/fire emergency procedures and obligations are all in place with one contractor and are being taken care of.