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Posted on September 24, 2021

Do we recycle when possible?

The build-up of electronic waste is considered one of the highest priority problems worldwide due to the environmental impact it causes.  

Circular economy models should be implemented to motivate better component design, recycling, reuse, etc, while excluding environmental pollution.  

In the construction industry, it is difficult to recycle and reuse items on a regular basis. Within this industry, there is always some form of waste due to new and upcoming technology that clients want to upgrade to. Whilst this is an issue in one respect, it could be the only way to move forward. Developing technology will change our future and make things easier and better! As we replace old fittings, there are elements of new products that are more environmentally friendly than others.  

However, we still have the issue of the quality of new products. They just aren’t the same as historical ones, and they do not last as long. Repairs were the norm back in the 50s but manufactures don’t make components for repairs any longer. Instead, they come up with new, better products to replace the faulty ones.  

It is great to see some companies making more eco-fit ranges, and we hope more will begin to follow.  

As a company we generate waste daily, whether that is through changing lamps, stripping out old wiring, batteries, taking out old consumer units etc. However, it is important to us as a business to ensure that we minimise our waste.  

But are there more opportunities within the electrical industry that could further the ability to recycle and reuse more often? 

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