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Posted on May 31, 2022

Dorset Apprenticeship Awards Finalist!

This year we decided to put David Harper forward for the Dorset Apprenticeship Awards. He has progressed very quickly due to his own self-motivation, appreciation of what he has got and what he wants to achieve. Being of a mature age for an apprentice, he is a prime example of why apprenticeships are not just for school leavers and why they benefit employers.

Key skills that stand out are his pride in carrying out a neat job, attention to detail, and precision. David absorbs direction and guidance from his colleagues.

He helps his peers, those that are younger have really looked up to him, seeking advice which he gladly gives. He has progressed considerably, and his growing capabilities reflect in the jobs/projects he is assigned.

The team have only positive things to say about David. “He asks questions, shows enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. He addresses his mistakes in a positive manner, coming up with clever ideas and solutions to problems.”

His seniors have confidence in him already after two years and are able to let him do certain jobs on his own. David has been a great investment and is an asset to the company.


Selected as a Finalist

David was selected as a finalist at the Dorset Apprenticeship awards. The final was held at Superior Seals, a perfect venue given that they are such an advocate for apprentices.  

The atmosphere was extremely positive and held such promise for the future of apprenticeship schemes. 

David had some tough competition, but we were immensely proud of being represented by such a strong candidate.  

“It meant a lot to be there and selected as a finalist. There were a lot of influential figures present at the ceremony to recognise the work apprentices put into their respective qualifications. I’m grateful to GF for putting me forward for the awards and for giving me the opportunity. 

I may not have won but it means a lot to me. Being selected as a finalist, makes me feel as though my efforts throughout my apprenticeship have been acknowledged and have paid off.” 

Well done David! We look forward to watching you progress throughout the rest of your apprenticeship and see a bright future ahead.  

Follow this link to see David in the Bournemouth Echo! 


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