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Automatic Opening Vent (AOV)

A system designed to Automatically Open a number of vents to allow air or smoke to disperse via ventilation.

Control the ventilation of smoke

Inhalation of toxic fumes and smoke kills 90% of all fire victims and not the actual fire.  Acrid smoke can fill the lungs before the flames have even manifested or reached their victim.  Smoke ingress can happen in minutes, preventing escape, so as part of your fire risk assessment and evacuation plan, consider that dealing with the removal of the smoke will improve the conditions and chances of survival of its occupants, aiding in a successful evacuation or rescue.

Most commonly used escape routes are corridors, stairwells and lobbies, so mechanical ventilation systems – roof, window vents or skylights, are strategically placed to extract smoke from these areas by automatically opening when detectors or call points are actuated.  Ventilating and assisting with the removal of the smoke as quickly as possible.

AOV Essential Maintenance

AOV panels can be a stand-alone function or be integrated with current safety systems.  They are used across an array of premises; residential buildings of multiple occupancies, commercial and retail or industrial units.

It is essential that they are maintained regularly by a competent person, who is familiar with the specification and strategy, to check their reliability and performance according to the BS 7346-1 and BS5588-1 for the correct operation of these lifesaving systems.

Natural ventilation to control temperatures

We have many clients that use AOV control panels to maintain temperature & airflow for the comfort of staff, visitors or their products and machinery.

If the temperature rises above a set maximum, the AOV system will be triggered to open windows or vents to allow the hot air to escape. Once the temperature lowers again, it will reverse the action, closing the vents automatically, ventilating the areas naturally and maintain a consistent temperature in the zoned areas.

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