GF Electrical Health Check

A Simple Way to Reduce Downtime and Increase Productivity

Would you like:

  • To be more efficient
  • Have less inconvenience
  • Be more streamlined
  • Discover potential cost savings
  • Potentially add more to your bottom
  • While becoming a more responsible employer

Without having to make any changes the way you work or hire new staff?

Read on to find out more…


We All Have Challenges as Business Owners

My name is Gary Fisher and I’ve been working with businesses like yours for the last 35 years.

We all have our challenges as business owners and employers with downtime caused by nuisance electrical issues happening more frequently than we’d like (even once is too much!).

Aside from not being able to do your job, I’ve discovered that keeping downtime to a minimum makes us more efficient with less staff complaints which ultimately leads to a happier working environment.

We’re all conscious of our staff’s well-being and having reliable systems can impact your staff’s confidence. Improved confidence can improve productivity, which ultimately reflects in your bottom line.

The problem is that unexpected electrical issues can and do happen more frequently than any of us would like. And it can be incredibly frustrating and costly the majority of the time.


Over the years we’ve seen many issues that can negatively impact businesses.

Over the years we’ve seen many issues that can negatively impact businesses.

  • Our current suppliers can get a bit complacent. We generally stick with them because it’s easy, but this can lead to them taking us for granted. We don’t getting the service and attention we want and end up feeling unimportant, which means we lose confidence in having that support should anything go wrong.
  • False fire alarms. We put up with them, but we shouldn’t have to. Someone burns the toast which sets the fire alarm off. We’ve all done it before, but burning the toast shouldn’t really set the fire alarm off, should it? The main problem is that It breeds complacency. Staff stop taking the fire alarm seriously when it should be there to safeguard them.The more false alarms you have, the more complacent people become and that in turn is more risk to your business and to them. Ultimately whenever the fire alarm goes off, we should take it seriously.
  • Power tripping out. Just like false fire alarms we all get used to it and that shouldn’t be the case. Usually power tripping out is due to poor maintenance which can be prevented with proactive maintenance and over viewing of your appliances.
  • Downtime. Nobody likes it as it grinds productivity to a halt. You get staff complaints which breeds lack of confidence. Generally a negative attitude comes from it. To fix the situation you then need to do a call-out and have to wait even longer for things to start back up.
  • Slowing down of data. As we grow we tend to add extension leads to give us more sockets to power more appliances. We do a similar thing with data as well. We install more switches where we should be installing our data properly. This avoids data bottlenecks and keeps data flowing at the pace your business needs.

Ultimately all of these lead to the worst things that can happen in business – unexpected downtime… the business stops dead in its tracks.


Are You a Racing Car or an Old Banger?

Generally, we all run at a hundred percent, but to do this, we need to be a well oiled machine with everything working correctly and efficiently.

When you started your business, you probably weren’t running at full capacity. Natural evolution happened – you grow and expand, but sometimes the electrics are overlooked and now you are running at 100% without scope for more expansion.

At the moment many businesses are at capacity. Margins are tight. Business is tough. In order to succeed we all know that we need to run our company like a racing car. However a lot of the time we treat our electrics like we’re driving an old banger…  and it works… until it then goes completely wrong.

And then we call someone in to fix it often at great expense on an emergency basis, which is just like putting a plaster over a gaping wound – we all know it is a short fix. However to continue to thrive in business we need long term solutions.


It’s Not Your Fault

If you are like most business owners we work with you may well be in this situation without even knowing this, and that’s not your fault.

Ultimately we all need to be as efficient as possible and stick to our legal obligations.

So I decided create a solution that would help you solve these potential issues you have in one easy step.

After 35 years working with thousands of clients just like you I’ve discovered there are several common factors that when addressed minimise these issues.

And I’ve consolidated these into one convenient solution I like to the GF Electrical Health Check.

The GF Electrical Health Check

The GF Electrical Health check is a 90 minute onsite visit that looks at the following areas:

First we’ll check your fire risk assessment, electrical installation certificates, fire alarm certificates and emergency light certificates to make sure they are up to date and vali

Next we do a site visual inspection looking at the all the electrical installations in your workspace. We’ll be looking for any risk of potential overloading, especially in areas of high risk due to heat and ventilation.

Finally we site down and go through an electrical consultation so that we can understand your technical usage and requirements without trying to sell you anything. This is made up of 5 parts:

  • PART 1: Internal and external light control audit – so that you can maximise your energy efficiency by only using lighting when you need to.
  • PART 2: Heating controls discovery – so that you can make sure you are using your heating at the right times and when required.
  • PART 3: We’ll look at your energy suppliers so you see which supplier is the best fit for your business needs
  • PART 4: We’ll discuss any concerns or electrical issues so that you can have an expert help answer any questions you may have
  • PART 5: Finally we’ll talk about your future plans so that you can continue to build and grow your business infrastructure with confidence.

You’ll then get a Health Check Report detailing exactly what we’ve discussed and discovered so you have a full understanding of the current state of your electrics and a road map to getting them to an optimum state.


Here’s how your Electrical health check works…

On the day we’ll get one of our specialist engineers to your place of work at the time agreed.

After introducing ourselves we’ll get straight down to looking through the paperwork that you have available. Don’t worry too much ff you haven’t got the paperwork – that’s one of things we’re here to help you find out. Any out-of-date paperwork is also really helpful as well so we can see the history. Ultimately we will need to see whatever you’ve got. And if you haven’t got it, then this is what we are here for.

Next we’ll ask for access to areas that are convenient for a visual inspection. Ideally we’d like to look at as many areas as possible, but don’t worry if there are areas you don’t want us to go (although we won’t be able to include these in your health check report). One important thing to mention is that we won’t turn any power off or touch any of your machinery or computers. There will be a minimal impact and inconvenience.

After doing the inspection, we’d like to sit down and have a chat through your current electrical usage, suppliers, concerns and ongoing needs.

First will be the external and internal lighting.  We’ll have a look at how they’re switched, how they’re managed and how they’re designed to make sure they are being used in the most efficient way. The same goes for your heating controls which well cover next. When is it running? Is it 24 hours? When are the optimal times for your business?

We’ll check with you who your current energy suppliers are and see if there’s any potential savings to be made. Next we move onto any issues you may currently have so we can provide some on the spot advice and recommendations if you want them. We’ll also include these in your report so you have your issues and solution documented.

The last part is discussing any future plans that you might have.

And that’s it!

We’ll then go away, consolidate all of the information that we collected and provide you a hard copy along with a digital copy which will show exactly what we’ve found and proposing any solutions that we have identified.


So How Much WIll This Cost?

With all the above said, this could easily be worth £400-£500.

For example:

  • Checking through the documents would be approximately £50
  • To have a competent person doing a visual inspection around your site could be a minimum of £100
  • The electrical consultation from an experienced electrician would be around £150
  • The consolidation of all of the reviews that we’ve discussed previously could be approximately £150 adding up to around £400-£500.


But you can book your GF Electrical Health Check today for FREE!


I’m going to be totally transparent here.

We would love you to become a client of ours, but we know that many people have been burnt in the past by suppliers and contractors. So we thought that we’d give you something really valuable to your business totally free while also providing a great way to get to know us.

And if you like the way we work then maybe you’ll consider us when you think about your current and future electrical needs.

But if you decide you don’t want our help with anything we may discover during the health check then that is totally OK.

We’ll just be pleased to have helped and given you a road map to the best electrical infrastructure to help your business now and moving forward.


Limited Availability

As you’d expect, our company is a fully accredited by BAFE, the NICEIC, Safe Contractor and the ECA so you can be sure that the health check report you receive is going to provide honest, actionable information that will help your business.

You won’t be surprised to hear that we are a very busy electrical company so we’ve allocated a set number of hours each month for the health checks.

This unfortunately means we only have limited availability. If you schedule now then you are guaranteed to get an appointment, but if you wait you could miss out.

Click the button below and you’ll be taken to a short form which will ask you a few questions about your business, as well as your preferred date and time for a visit. Once you submit this to us we’ll be in touch with a couple of hours (Monday to Friday during business hours) to confirm your GF Electrical Health Check.

At this point you still don’t really know us, so here’s what a few of customer have said about working with us:

“GF Electrical have been looking after our power/data/lighting requirements at EMS for the last 10 years . Maintaining both existing and installing new circuits to support the ongoing growth of our manufacturing facility in Poole.

We are constantly impressed by the customer focus of the team at GF Electrical and have no hesitations in recommending their services.”

Mike Davies, Director EMS

“As you know we take safety very seriously and like to promote safety and good working behaviours. The GF Electrical lads carried themselves very well and were courteous to all of our staff that encountered them. They worked safely, using barriers and cleaned up behind themselves all over the building. Please pass my thanks on”

David Sayce, Exprogroup

“We have been working with GF Electrical for a number of years and we continue to be impressed with the level of friendly efficient service that we receive. All of the employees are capable and polite and are happy to accommodate all of our needs. We would highly recommend GF Electrical to anyone looking for excellent service at competitive prices.”

Stewarts Garden Centre’s Retail and Marketing Director, Terry Head

Click the button below and you’ll be taken to a short form which will ask you a few questions about your business, as well as your preferred date and time for a visit. Once you submit this to us we’ll be in touch with a couple of hours (Monday to Friday during business hours) to confirm your GF Electrical Health Check.



Gary Fisher