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Posted on February 9, 2022

National Apprenticeship Week 2022

During National Apprenticeship Week, it’s a fantastic opportunity to give an insight into how our apprentices have found their time at GF Electrical Ltd.  


Our 4th-year apprentice

Charlie Andrews has now entered his 4th and final year. “It has been a great learning experience. Doing different things every day helps keep it interesting and makes each job engaging.” 

Charlie wanted to become an apprentice, he was seeking a challenging career that was rewarding and offered opportunity for progression. The electrical industry had a variety of interesting, different obtainable skills that could be applied in a variety of ways.  

Doing something different each day was appealing. Charlie enjoys new challenges and has come across many different jobs during his apprenticeship. These have helped give him a broad range of experiences.  

“My favourite part of the apprenticeship has been working outside in the summer months, making the most of the good weather. I’d take that over being stuck indoors any day.” 

However, if there was any advice that he could give to anyone thinking about taking up an apprenticeship it would be to make sure you are adaptable and can take on different people’s opinions as everyone does things in their own way. “This is great, as it helps you find your own way with all the knowledge and advice you gain.”

What would Charlie change about his apprenticeship? To not put pressure on himself or to be perfect straight away. “Sometimes the only way you learn is from making mistakes and I try to reiterate this to the other apprentices that everything comes with time.”

It’s been great to see Charlie grow since starting back in 2018! Contracts Manager, Danny Squibb has overseen Charlie’s apprenticeship from the start.“Charlie’s confidence has continued to develop, as he gains knowledge and new skills throughout his apprenticeship. We are comfortable with him on jobs working alone these days and he has shown his capabilities are progressing along nicely.”  


Meet Chris, our 1st-year apprentice!


Why are apprentices important to GF Electrical Ltd?

Apprentices are an important aspect to our company. We have certainly seen the benefits of having them as part of our team. There is a skill shortage out there so continuing to feed new apprentices into the trade yearly, is important. 

We love the enthusiasm they bring and most importantly we can train them to our company standards. 

The recruitment process is very thorough. GF Electrical get most years between 30-50 applicants, so it’s a tough task selecting only 6 to go through to interview stage and for only one placement. We are incredibly lucky to have found some great candidates who will turn into excellent electricians.  

Our Contracts Manager, Danny Squibb feels as though apprenticeships have changed since completing his. “Compared to doing my apprenticeship, apprentices are now treated with more respect, no longer being treated as ‘bottom of the pecking order’.”  

There have been a lot of changes, but now there is a more balanced apprenticeship with both practical hands-on, at college and at work, as well as theory. 

“However, it is up to the apprentice to want to learn, engage and be motivated to be a part of the team. Then it’s up to senior engineers and managers to aid and mould them into a great electrician!”  

We are proud to say that many of our apprentices have continued to develop and further their careers with GF Electrical. Billy Walker is one of them, who several years on, is a Senior Electrician, heading large commercial projects and passing on his knowledge down the line.  


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