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Posted on February 6, 2023

National Apprenticeship Week 2023

GF Electricals’ very own apprentice poster boy, Beau, passed his AM2S exam and completed his NVQ in the last week of 2022! During National Apprenticeship Week 2023, it seems appropriate to say goodbye to the boy who joined fresh out of school, talk about his journey and the man he has become through his apprenticeship. 


Beau was only 15 years old when he applied and attended the interview!

Skills for lifeA few days after his 16th birthday, he started his first day at work with GF Electrical! “I can safely say it’s not something I’ve regretted.  I’m really pleased with the decision I made and I’m enjoying the job I do.” 

“I have had a great opportunity here with GF Electrical. I’ve been lucky to have had the chance to try to do so many different aspects of electrical work.” 

As with most school leavers, it can take a bit of time to get used to! Early mornings, the long hours, working alongside adults. Going from having a laugh at school, to being responsible and being a valid teammate. Figuring out respect was a struggle, and understanding when to be the class clown and when not to be was a big learning curve for Beau. 

But Beau matured and has been a big part of this team. He still always brings a big splash of humour to work, and we all love him at GF Electrical events. His personality has defiantly been a winner with our clients; “Beau was very friendly, polite, and efficient. Done a great job.” 

Beau takes pride in his work and cares about the finished article. 

“I love getting stuck into industrial work but also the driving around and doing the smaller maintenance jobs too. The variety of work is the best bit about my job. My biggest criticism of myself is my paperwork, that really lets me down and I need to improve it.” 

COVID had a massive effect on his NVQ – his final college year was messed around and exams were delayed. It has been a long time coming but we are pleased to see him now qualified. Well done Beau for getting across the line! 


What’s a good apprenticeship and who is a good candidate?

Apprenticeships are something we wholly support as a company. Not only because it’s the best way to become aelectrician but it’s important to continue to feed new blood into skilled trades.  We have certainly seen the benefits of having apprentices as part of our team. We love the enthusiasm they bring and most importantly we can train them to our company’s high standards. 

Our General Manager, Danny Squibb has seen apprenticeships change since completing his over 20 years ago. “It’s more balanced these days, with practical hands-on, time at college and at work, as well as theory. Make no mistake, it’s hard graft still but apprentices are now treated with a bit more respect, no longer being treated as ‘bottom of the pecking order’.” 

“However, it is up to the apprentice to want to learn, engage, and be motivated to be a part of the team. Senior engineers and managers, always want to nurture talent, they take pride in showing them the ropes and moulding them into great electricians!”    


What do we look for when we are recruiting for an apprentice?

At GF Electrical we look for individuals that are PRACTICAL and like to SOLVE PROBLEMS. Were you a kid that liked jigsaws, pulling things apart and fixing them again. making things work, fixing a chain on your bike, or upgrading your car’s stereo system?   

We look for TEAM PLAYERS. No doubt those that have been involved in team sports at school or in their personal lives have fitted in best here. It’s a PHYSICAL job too so taking care of yourself, and your fitness is essential. 

MATHS – yes! A lot of people go for a trade because they aren’t doing well in school, but being an electrician requires measurements, calculations, and more. Get that GCSE! 

Lastly, and really this is important. Being in a trade is HARD WORK with long hours. We like to interview those that have had a part-time job already. Knowing that they have had to get up of a morning and already understand the importance of being relied on. It can be a paper round, a waiting job, kitchen porter…anything.  

Our recruitment process is very thorough. GF Electrical receives between 20-40 applicants, so it’s a tough task selecting only 6 to go through to the interview stage and for only one placement. Take your time applying and make sure you stand out. 

We are incredibly lucky to have found some great candidates in the past who have turned into excellent electricians.  If you want to be updated on when we running our next recruitment campaign sign up here. PS please note we don’t start to look till the end of May at the earliest. 


Meet Our Newest Apprentice!

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