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Posted on July 9, 2021

New Company Car – 100% Electric!

Fully electric cars currently only pay Company Car Tax of just 1% in 2021/2022 and only 2% in 2022/2023. So, it is more appealing to employees, to likely want to swap their company cars for electric. A benefit to business is hopefully fuel bills will be reduced and as there are fewer moving parts, less maintenance and servicing costs.  

Recently, GF Electrical made a new addition to the fleet, but instead of a van, a Volkswagen id3 Pro…. 100% electric car!  

There were many reasons why we were looking at a change, the obvious; to try to be more environmentally friendly and to see if during this time we could save on the costs of our fleet. 

As a Manager, Danny doesn’t need to be in a van really.  It seemed a good opportunity to go for an electric company car and see how functional it would be for the future of the fleet. 

How is Danny finding the electric car?

We asked Danny how he found driving his new car. “I really like the car, it is a smooth drive. I would say it has made me more conscious of how you drive, you spend your whole time thinking ahead. So far, I would say that it works better for town driving rather than motorways.”  

Having said that though, Danny had to go to London recently to see a site.  Although dubious about the mileage and access to charge points, 

he managed to get there from Poole on a full charge. A stop on the way back, at a fast-charging station at a McDonalds, gave him 100% from 15% in 45 mins, plenty to get home for only £14! 

“The technology on the car has been an eye-opener and I haven’t even had a chance to properly get to grips with all the functions yet. There are eco reminders;

it tells you when approaching a roundabout not to accelerate.” Every time I’m at the office, I just plug in to charge. Our work charger, Zappi, has several options, from fast to eco, so dependent on how long I’m staying I can make the selection to guarantee that before I’ve left, I’ve a full battery to take me through the next few days.” 


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