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Posted on November 24, 2021

New Van

Historically as a company we have always had Volkswagen vans in Danish Blue. This colour then evidently become our trade corporate image, staying the same for many years! We have had brand new vans of this spec on order for a year, due to the long lead times on vehicles due to the present climate.  

In the meantime, having more people join the team, we needed to get more vans for the company. Our arms have been forced and we must go with what is in stock. However, there was not going to be the same choice regarding the colour.  

We have overcome this challenge by choosing a new Vauxhall white van. This has meant an evolution of our brand has happened to accommodate the changes in the current climate. 

Sign Writing

We chose a subtle design, after all we can’t match our very recognisable Blue VW, so why try. 

Our concept was to have a vinyl that was as similar to the white of the van as we could.  Keeping our same design with the large GF Electrical, the idea was that given the light and angle, it would ghost in and out of view.   

To tie in with our branding and VW fleet, we added a ribbon of Danish Blue. A simple but effective idea that can be used again in the future, with any colour of van.  

Be sure to keep an eye out for our new van. 


As we made the jump to see what we can do with this van, the door is now open for the future with no limit on van colours!


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