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Posted on January 19, 2023

Parent involvement a negative thing for employers?

As National Apprenticeship Week approaches us, we wanted to address the recent interesting topic of parents getting involved with helping their kids find employment. We understand that parents want to help and sometimes a push is very much needed. But how much should a parent get involved? How do their actions really reflect on the applicant and the impression to potential employers?

We have been employing apprentices for around 15 years and this is based on our personal findings. It is a hot topic when discussing recruitment and our viewpoint is like others – not just our trade but across most industries.

An apprenticeship is about leaving school behind and moving into an environment with adults.  Adults committed to getting a good job done, with responsibilities.

Pretty daunting for a 16year old right?

But schools not for them, they’re ready to get on with the next stage in their life, that’s why an apprenticeship is perfect for them….so let the employer see that.

If we receive a call from a parent, our first bit of advice to them is ‘do not make another call on their behalf’. As an employer we need to see an individual that wants to be up in the morning, ready to help, eager to learn our trade and be prepared for a day’s hard graft. Our first impression is the call they make or the email and CV they have put together. A parent making this moment of contact, is a big read flag. There are so many, that are looking for the opportunity, your son or daughter, needs to make themselves stand out against the competition.

If a parent wants to help them, help behind the scenes. Sit with them, get them their own email address, show them how to research companies, help them draft an opening email and CV. Get them on social media to follow local companies. Do not take over, they must do it themselves, because if they cannot or will not …. they won’t last long out in the working world and could lose their apprenticeship.

We do not need to see perfect grammar; it helps obviously but it is very noticeable. A parent’s application compared to a 16-year-old with predicted GCSE results of 4 for English. By filling in the application form, they are setting their young adult up for a fall in the interview, as they are not going to be able to explain in detail about what they have written!

Trust in employers

They know what they are looking for and how to find that person that they know will succeed in their company. They also know how to try and bring out the best in young adults, seeing past the expected nerves.

Parents’ guide them, do not get involved. It’s not school, it’s the start of a journey where they have to stand up and show responsibility. Trust me their achievements will gain them confidence and will make you super proud.

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