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Posted on July 1, 2021

Photo Shoot of Team and Company Vehicles

It’s expected in the construction trade to have a professional picture to show your fleet and staff. It’s always so hard to find the time to get everyone together, but last week we managed a photo shoot of the team and company vehicles at Holton Lee, based on Holton Heath with Blades Media.  

It’s a hidden-away little spot that many just pass by daily.  The location was a pretty setting and only a few minutes’ drive from the unit. Such a quiet and peaceful place.  The backdrop was a lush green field with a lovely bright blue sky behind!  We were particularly lucky with the weather, especially after the miserable rain the few days beforehand. 

I’d like to say it all went smoothly but just as we were ready to start clicking away, the field was descended upon by seagulls. Not one or two, but about thirty plus!  Not quite what you need when your guys have spent the early hours scrubbing the vans for the ultimate shine. 

It may be considered as a little ‘old fashioned’ but it was a great excuse to get the team together. A good old-fashioned catch up with bacon butties, plenty of banter.  We all had a fun morning in the sun. 

The photo shoot was completed by Blades Media, a local business based in Bournemouth. The types of photos ranged from individual headshots of the team, group shots, and pictures of the fleet. The end photos were great. Chuffed to bits to finally have updated team photo to use on our social media platforms and our website. 

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