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This is a government grant for electric cars provided by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV). The OLEV Grant also known as Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) can provide around 35% - 75% off the cost of purchasing & installing a home charging point up to a maximum of £350. Each household can claim up to two charging points but only one charging point per eligible vehicle. Available for most electric cars and plug-in hybrid cars.

Do I qualify?

To qualify for the OLEV Grant you must meet the below criteria:

  • You have not made a previous grant-claim for your vehicle.
  • Either you own an electric vehicle, have ordered an electric vehicle or have an electric vehicle leased or company car
  • You intend to keep the vehicle for 6 months or longer from the date you took ownership
  • You acquired the electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle after 1st October 2016
  • You must have private or dedicated off-street parking such as a driveway or garage where you can park and charge the vehicle?
  • Your installation date is less than 4 months ahead of the date of the delivery or start date of the vehicle’s use. If not then you need to contact OLEV requesting permission.
  • You must use an OLEV-approved home charging point installer of which GF Electrical Ltd is!

How do I know if I qualify

EVHS Eligible

All vehicles that have been approved as ultra-low emission vehicles by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles are eligible for the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme. Please check the link for the current listed ones.

Document requirements…

Proof of Ownership or Primary driver of an EVHS eligible vehicle. Depending on how you own the vehicle, we would need a copy of the following documents:

  • Outright Owner – Copy of V5C (Pages 1 & 2) or proof of order
  • Personal Lease – Copy of Full lease agreement
  • Company car driver – Letter from employer or vehicle provider
  • Salary Sacrifice – Letter from employer or vehicle provider

How do I apply?

If you agree that you meet the requirements above, your application for the grant will be dealt with via GF Electrical Ltd.

Following on from our site survey, once we have received the application form completed and signed, with all the evidence l isted above and the quote is agreed, we will handle the rest of the paperwork on your behalf.