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Posted on September 17, 2021

Salisbury Races – Team Day Out

Ensuring our team builds bonds is important to us at GF Electrical. There are obvious benefits for a company; allowing communication to improve between staff, having good working relationships makes the job more enjoyable. When your job is enjoyable, morale is high. Motivation and productivity improves.

But the other side is to show our appreciation to our workforce. It is nice to see everyone mix and catch up, as not everyone sees each other daily!

As a company, we always try to have a Summer ‘Do.’ This year we decided to take the team to Salisbury Races for the afternoon! We had a wonderful 3-course meal, in a room that looked out over the finish line. It is a great course, feeling very intimate with everything all close to hand. Lots of bets were made, some wins, some losses but many laughs had! It was great to get the team all together again and see everyone have a lovely time!


We asked Dede our Office Manager about what it means to her when the company gets together:

“As we are in the office, we don’t see the boys every day, sometimes for weeks, especially when they are working on big contracts. So, when we go out altogether, it reminds us that we are part of a bigger picture!”


After holding these events for the team, we can clearly see that the morale is boosted. We have had some lovely texts and messages from the guys.

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