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EV Charging

Your thinking of buying or your company vehicle is changing to an electric vehicle but what will this mean for you when it comes to charging it… especially at home? You can continue with a standard 3 pin plug, but they are not designed to withstand these loads and should not be considered for long term use (although always handy in the interim or as a backup charging option).

Home Charging

It is best whilst at home to have a dedicated charging point and benefit from faster-charging speeds, charge your car safely with correct electrical protection (monitors the continuity of the earth conductor) and is easy to use, and let’s face it, in the rain you want the quickest, simplest method available.

A home charging point is a compact weatherproof unit that mounts to a wall with a connected charging cable or a socket for plugging in a portable charging cable. Electric cars will have either a Type 1 or a Type 2 connector and the home charger will need to compatible.

Associated Costs

The cost of having a charger fitted will depend on the complexity of the installation. Many national companies will quote “standard” work of up to four hours of labour time with a maximum amount of cable. However, we will come to meet you at your property so we can check your fuse board, discuss the most convenient and neat location for you; to make sure we all avoid last-minute surprises and excess charges by providing you with a no-obligation quote.

Once installed, then your only concern will be paying for the electricity you use to charge.

How often?

You can charge your electric car at home as often you need to. It can be treated the same as charging any of the modern-day essentials, like mobile phone, smartwatches, headsets! It will become second nature to just ‘plugin’ whenever your car is on your drive or in the garage – and then forget about it. Your car will then be ready for your next journey.

Even for those vehicles and drivers that do not need to charge every day, many still will plug in each time they leave their car, giving them maximum flexibility should they have to make an unexpected journey.

charge your electric car


The OLEV Grant also known as Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) can provide around 35% – 75% off the cost of purchasing & installing a home charging point up to a maximum of £500. Each household can claim up to two charging points but only one charging point per eligible vehicle. Available for most electric cars and plug-in hybrid cars.

How we can help

The good news is that the governments OLEV Grant of up to £500 is still available towards the install cost and we will handle most of the paperwork on your behalf. Please check you if you are eligible. See our OLEV page.