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Sovereign – Isle of Wight

Sovereign is a leading Housing Association that looks after around 60,000 homes across the UK. As well as being a major developer with affordable housing programmes. 

The Brief

Sovereign required ‘Plant Room updating’ works to be completed at two sites on the Isle of Wight.  

The plant room systems were out of date causing boiler failures. The plant rooms also needed to meet the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR) 2002, which are about protection against risks from fire, explosion and similar events arising from dangerous substances used or present in the workplace.    

Our Solution

Our General Manager surveyed the two sites before work commenced and client was fully informed of how we were going to complete this. There was a lot of pre-planning with the client as all works to be carried out was in unison with other mechanical engineers. Effective communication was needed throughout for a smooth change over from temporary system to the new. The project was done in sections to allow for our work, alongside or to give time for others to carry out their parts, completion, and certification. 


The plant rooms needed to have new electrical installation, including new distribution boards, circuits and isolators for each item of equipment for future maintenance purposes.   


Work started by isolating, disconnecting and removal of all old electrical equipment to leave a blank canvas for Sovereign mechanical engineers to carry out their installation of boilers, pipework, and pumps, etc.  


We connected a temporary boiler set up to keep the site operational with hot water and heating.  


Once the mechanical engineers had completed their part, we returned to install a full new electrical installation. Including galvanised containment throughout, all general power and lighting, dedicated circuits for all equipment, accessories and heating and temperature controls.  


All lighting was upgraded to LED vapour proof and anticorrosive light fittings with emergency.   


Gas proving systems were installed, that interlocked with the boilers. If the gas isn’t at the correct pressure, the system will not operate. Fail safe systems were also installed, should there be pressure loss, within the mechanical installation, this would cut the power to the boilers and the pumps to prevent them from any damage.   


When the install was completed a functional test of the gas proving system was carried out. Medem was booked in to attend to do their own manufacturing commissioning.  


Completed work was all tested and certification was issued to the client for their records. 

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