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Posted on February 6, 2024

David – Completed AM2s!

David passed his AM2S exam and completed his NVQ at the end of 2023. During National Apprenticeship Week we thought it would be a chance for us to ask David about his experience and what advice he would give to someone looking to join the industry… 


What advice would you give someone considering an apprenticeship in the electrical field? 

“The advice I would give someone is ‘go for it’. It’s not as intimidating as it may seem, it doesn’t take long to get a good grasp on it, build your knowledge and obtain a good career in the electrical field.  

I can’t stress enough how much I recommend an apprenticeship in the electrical industry especially for more mature candidates. Chances are you already have some knowledge and background so it’s super easy with a strong team around you to pick up and progress quickly. Don’t be put off financially, it tends to progress with you which is only further motivation to do your best.” 


In what ways do you feel our company supports your continued learning and development now you have completed your apprenticeship? 

“GF have a great support network of experienced, mature electricians who are only on the other end of the phone if needs be and always keen to answer questions. The company are also keen to further their engineer’s knowledge and abilities with a plentiful array of training courses for example the first aid course just completed by all personnel. 

Moving forward, it’s great teaching the up-and-coming apprentices. GF knows that it benefits everyone to learn and progress and encourages close relationships between apprentices and electricians.  


What’s next for you? 

“Now I have completed my apprenticeship I envision my career going from strength to strength, every day is a learning day in this industry, and you can never know everything, so I’m really looking forward to progressing further and climbing further up the ladder. Also an excellent excuse to buy bigger and better power tools now that I’m qualified. 

I would like to achieve my Inspection and testing qualifications and move onto more advanced work within GF.” 


What projects have you enjoyed the most in your time at GF so far? 

“I have enjoyed many projects that GF has offered but if I had to name a preferred few it would probably be Cutwrights alongside Billy Walker and my absolute favourite would have to be the mains and distribution work at the big domestic project in Ringwood, which I am personally proud of.” 

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