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Posted on December 5, 2023

12 Days of Christmas Tips for Saving Money on Electric Bills

During the Christmas period, it is important to share information regarding energy saving in the home to help save money on electric bills!

Tip 1 

Use Extension Leads with Switches 

Extension leads with on/off switches make it easy to cut power to multiple decorations at once.  


Tip 2 

Use Timers 

Set timers for your Christmas lights to automatically turn off when you go to bed.  


Tip 3 

Opt for Solar-Powered Decorations 

Consider solar-powered Christmas decorations for outdoor use. They charge during the day and light up at night.  


Tip 4 

Unplug Unused Decorations 

Don’t forget to unplug decorations and lights when they’re not in use. They look beautiful but do they really need to be on when most of the world is asleep! 


Tip 5 

Energy-Efficient Appliances 

Use energy-efficient appliances like LED-lit trees and inflatable decorations.  


Tip 6 

Switch to LED Lights 

If you haven’t already, get rid of the old traditional incandescent lights and buy new LED Christmas lights. They use significantly less electricity.  


Tip 7  

Use PIR Sensors 

You may want to think about installing PIR sensors in hallways, bathrooms, and large cupboards so lights turn themselves off after no movement for a short amount of time. 


Tip 8 

Lower Thermostat at Night 

Lower your thermostat a few degrees at night when everyone is tucked up in bed.  


Tip 9 

Candles & Fire Safety 

Create a cozy atmosphere without using candles. Use lamps or battery powered lights for ambience and saving money on all lights being on at the same time. 


Tip 10  

Cook Efficiently  

When cooking for gatherings, use lids on pots and pans to retain heat and cook efficiently.  


Tip 11 

Run Appliances at Cheaper Times 

Some energy suppliers offer ‘time of use tariffs’. If so, it may be cheaper to run appliances during specific hours. E.g., running your washing machines or tumble dryers at those times.  

Please note though; appliances such as washing machines account for a high percentage of electrical fires in the UK. It is best to avoid leaving appliances running unattended overnight. 


Tip 12 

Switch Off ‘Standby Mode’  

By remembering to turn all appliances off standby mode you can save around £65 a year.  

Almost all electrical appliances can be turned off at the plug without disrupting their programming. You may want to think about getting a standby saver or smart plug which allows you to turn all your appliances off standby in one go. 

Check the instructions for any appliances you aren’t sure about. Some TVs may need to be left plugged in so they can keep track of any programmes you want to record. 



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