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Posted on November 20, 2023

International Mens Day

On Sunday it was International Mens Day! This year the theme was ‘Zero Male Suicide’.  

Whilst there is a change happening, currently our industry is still predominately male, and much of our workforce are men.  

 As a company we encourage a few things like physical fitness, teamwork and comradery. We feel communication and building connections with each other is especially important for mental health. Why it’s important for us to bring our team together as often as we can. 

The company has many places where we can direct our employees and their families to get guidance and help when life brings on challenges.  Not only do we have a fantastic charity Electrical Industries Charity (EIC). The support they give is incredible, all for free and specialises in our industry. But the Company also has insurance for our team which includes access to an app ‘myStregth’ and one-on-one consultations with professionals. 

Employees can learn from hundreds of evidence-based activities at their own pace, from guided meditation to improving sleep. Helping them to make simple everyday changes to improve their mental wellbeing and emotional resilience. The app allows personalised support, goal setting and mood tracking. 

Giving us all peace of mind to know we have tools available to help our employees improve their mood, deal with anxious thoughts, handle stress, practice mindfulness and meditation, balance intense emotions, improve sleep, navigate early years parenting and much more. 

GF Electrical would not be the strong company it is today if it were not for everyone who works for us! So, thank you all!  

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