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Posted on December 6, 2022

16 Christmas Energy Saving Tips!

During the Christmas period, it is important to share information regarding energy saving in the home!

Switch off ‘Standby mode’ 

By remembering to turn all appliances off standby mode you can save around £65 a year.  

Almost all electrical appliances can be turned off at the plug without disrupting their programming. You may want to think about getting a standby saver or smart plug that allows you to turn all your appliances off standby in one go. 

Check the instructions for any appliances you aren’t sure about. Some TVs may need to be left plugged in so they can keep track of any programs you want to record. 


Unplug unused items  

If you aren’t using appliances more than once a day, why keep it plugged in. Having a toaster plugged in when not using it will cause it to still draw energy.  


Turn off lights 

Remember to turn off lights and Christmas Trees when going out or heading to bed.  

Turning your lights off when you’re not using them or when you leave a room will save you around £25 a year on your annual energy bills. 

Ensure to regularly dust lights. If dust dims the brightness of the bulb, this could lead to you using lamps or other forms of lighting to brighten the room further, therefore using more energy. 


Turn down the thermostat by 1 degree!

Turning your thermostat down by just a single degree can save you as much as £60 per year, and you probably won’t feel the difference. 


Change your washing habits 

You can save around £34 a year from your energy bill just by using your washing machine more carefully: 

  • Use your washing machine on a 30-degree cycle instead of higher temperatures. 
  • Reduce your washing machine use by one run per week for a year. 


Power down 

In the UK, around £1 million is spent on Christmas Day powering TVs. We watch so much TV on this day that the energy that we use could power 43,000 TVs for one year!! 

Perhaps think about playing a board game or switch it off when leaving the room to help save energy! 


Cooking Christmas Dinner?

Keeping lids on your pans during cooking uses 10% less energy and helps cook the food quicker. 


Update to newer appliances 

If you have older appliances like dishwashers and washing machines, they probably aren’t as energy efficient as they should be.  

If you can afford to, it’s worth upgrading to newer, more energy-efficient models wherever possible. 


Use slow cookers 

Slow cookers are also an energy-efficient cooking appliance, as well as being ideal for those who like to prep their food while they’re out or getting on with other things.  

They use little more energy than a traditional light bulb! Making them a great, energy-efficient addition to any kitchen. 


Get a smart meter installed

Get a smart meter to see where you’re using the most energy and where you might be able to reduce it.  

Every home in the UK should have a smart meter by 2024 but the sooner you can get one from your provider, the better.  


Run appliances at cheaper times

Some energy suppliers offer ‘time of use tariffs’. If so, it may be cheaper to run appliances during specific hours. E.g., running your washing machines or tumble dryers at those times.  

Please note though; appliances such as washing machines account for a high percentage of electrical fires in the UK. It is best to avoid leaving appliances running unattended overnight. 

There are safety measures you can take to reduce the risk of fire, if you choose to run your appliances overnight: 

  • Ensure that your smoke alarms are working on every floor and are tested regularly, if possible once a week. 
  • Always register your appliance with the manufacturer so you are made aware if there are any issues with that appliance. 
  • Do not overload your plug sockets as this can cause overheating.  
  • Always keep an eye out for cables and plugs of your appliances for wear and tear. 
  • Make sure all filters are cleaned regularly as per the manufacturer’s instructions.  


Don’t open the oven door…

Keep the oven door closed while you’re cooking. Each time you open the door, the oven loses up to 25 degrees of heat and consequently requires more energy to get back up to temperature.  

If you ensure you keep the glass in the oven door clean so you can look in, you won’t have to open it to see whether your food’s done or not. 


Use an Airfryer 

the annual savings of using an air fryer could be up to £279.66 per year. Air fryers on average were found to run at £55.91 per year, versus gas cookers at £121.06 per year and electric cookers at £335.57 per year. 


Use PIR sensors 

Replacing all the lights in your home with LED bulbs could help you save even more. You may want to think about installing PIR sensors in hallways, bathrooms, and large cupboards so lights turn themselves off after no movement for a short amount of time.  


Use a dehumidifier over a tumble dryer 

In most cases, although a dehumidifier needs to be turned on for longer compared to a tumble dryer, it’s far cheaper to run. Over the course of a year, you could save as much as £376 by switching to a dehumidifier. 


Use a Microwave 

The microwave is generally the most efficient way to heat up and cook food – it’s quicker because it reaches higher temperatures, and its smaller size (as opposed to the oven) means its heat is more directly focused on the food. 


Last year we shared we came up with 12 Electrical top tips to help you stay safe! Follow this link to see them!

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