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Posted on August 31, 2021

Why do we choose Eastleigh College?

Recently Eastleigh College did a news article about us. We currently have two apprentices training with Eastleigh College and have been very impressed that we are making a placement again for September – on block release again.

Michelle Fisher shares her perspective as an employer on the benefits of block release and the value of investing in apprenticeships.

Why do you prefer block-release in Eastleigh compared with day-release closer to home?

“The block-release option was a deal breaker for us and the main reason we moved colleges. One week at college every three weeks is a benefit for both apprentice and employer:

The apprentice gets to concentrate solely on the course without other distractions. With only two years at college instead of three, it certainly is an advantage especially for mature apprentices.

As a company we can assign them to some great jobs. These jobs give many opportunities and a chance to benefit from a range of onsite experiences. For example, working away in London on large sites. You need to have consistent attendance for these types of contracts and day-release students miss out.

“We were keen on the block release as we felt the apprentice would get a chance to just concentrate on the theory aspect and be able to give their full attention to study in that week and achieve more because of this. Our experience of this has been better than expected. The apprentice and the company have benefitted by the set routine. The structure gives everyone involved a schedule to work and make easy plans from.


Here are some additional comments from our apprentice, David, currently studying at Eastleigh College:

How well did College manage the training during Covid restrictions?

“Communication was really good and easy. The tutors were always available when you needed them through an option of different channels; email, phone, Teams, etc.“

What was/is the best thing about attending the college?

“Block release. It really helped to get your head into the study and stay that way for the week. The relationship with both the tutors and as a group as whole, we all gelled in the that first week, and it continued to develop quickly.”

What would be your advice to anyone considering this course?

“Go for it, and even if you can’t drive there the train and bus route are easy enough.”


To see the full article and read more, follow this link!

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