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Posted on September 9, 2021

Zero Waste Week. What do we do as a company?

This week is Zero Waste Week, Promoting Zero Waste,  help reduce discharges to land, water, or air that may be a threat to the planet, human, animal, or plant health. There are strategies that we can follow such as, producer responsibility policies, green purchasing programs and expanded recycling. All these results in fewer toxins, leading to healthier lives.  

So, what do we try to do as a company?  We always ensure that all our marketing merchandise is sustainable.  Our popular merchandise has included our winter beanies, which have rechargeable torches rather than batteries! Reusable water bottles and thermo mugs, to stop the use of everyday plastic bottles and cups, that just get thrown away.  

We have over the last few years moved our paper files to cloud platforms.  98% of our invoices, certificates and paperwork are all pdfs sent out via email. Evidently meaning little paper and printing waste! 

Where possible we recycle packaging, waste cable and materials, lamps are disposed of appropriately under WEEE directive. We go to online marketplaces like eBay, a great place to sell and buy 2nd hand tools. Even something worn and broken still has a purpose and someone out there wants to give it a new lease of life. 

Zero waste… we are in an industry that unfortunately contributes with materials that don’t quite have the life span that they once did; everyone wants shiny and new technology! But we are committed to doing our best to make a difference. 



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